Lona Lee Thull Industry Cruise Leader and Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar ECCS

Lona Lee Thull,  Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar ECCSLonaLeeThull
Owner and Founder of Friendly Cruises, Inc
3081 S Sycamore Village Dr
Superstition Mtn  AZ  85118

So much to choose from and very little time

cropped-LOGO-FriendlyCruise-Resized1.jpgIf you are looking to book a cruise Lona Lee Thull at Friendly Cruises is the person to call

Lona Lee Thull has the passion and expertise to help you select the ultimate journey on your next cruise adventure.  In order to experience and feel confident your choice is right, there are many options to consider.

For example:  Do you wish your voyage to be private? elegant? casual? or an epicurean delight? or perhaps you even want your own private butler?  In our fast paced world there is a lot to choose from and little time to decide in our fast paced world.

Lona Lee Thull an industry cruise leader will carefully guide you through this process and save you time while offering you expert advice.   Lona Lee Thull has an Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar (ECCS) certification the highest level of education the Cruise Line International Association awards and cruise-travel experience since 1987.

She will give you the finest advice and guidance in the industry.  Lona Lee Thull is a cruise industry leader and expert.

Why would you choose Lona Lee Thull as your cruise travel counsellor?

  • Save TimeTime is valuable – Let Lona Lee Thull, an industry cruise leader save you time and the frustration of choosing between so many cruising options.  Allow her to do the work of planning your next vacation and getting exactly what you want while staying within your budget
  • Benefit from expertise and travel knowledge – Feel confident with your cruise choices and receive the value of wisdom and knowledge that Lona Lee Thull has to offer
  • Easy planning and convenience – Come visit her website www.FriendlyCruises.com for more information.  Call or email to begin the process of choosing your voyage and ultimate vacation.  We look forward to learning more about your cruising needs
  • Don’t miss the boat – Whether it be on an ocean liner, a riverboat cruise or a yacht, reserve your voyage by having Lona Lee Thull go over your cruising needs so she can help you sort through all your choices and save you time.  You get on the boat with a smile

Friendly Cruises has a quality reputation and continues to offer meaningful benefits for long-term customers. Lona Lee Thull has a simple motto “Pleasure means Business and Business can mean Pleasure”

Lona Lee Thull’s website www.FriendlyCruises.com contains a booking engine where guests may choose from several cruise lines and reserve their own cruise vacation. This option combined with an amazing team of Cruise Counsellors who are ready to assist their guests giving them confidence that they made the right cruise vacation choice.

Lona Lee Thull – Industry Cruise Leader and Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar ECCS.  She invites you to visit www.FriendlyCruises.com  – call us and let us help you with your cruising needs – Contact:  480-358-1496

*highest certification in the Cruise-Travel industry*

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  1. Tom and Dana Bollinger

    Dear Lona, Tom and I are lucky to be winter residents of SSMT and are now in our HOME in Indiana. WE are looking ahead to our bucket list and circumstances that is leading me to you. We will not be participating in the men’s member/guest next year and are interest in booking a cruise to the Alpine Countries. We have found a “trip” through Collette but it is a 2 day here (unpack), two days there,(unpack) etc. Would much rather unpack on a river cruise and enjoy it all without all at the packing and unpacking——-if there is such a thing?

    Please advise if we have that option and if you can guide us to options .

    Thanks VERY much!

    Unfortunately we will not be back in Az until the first of the year, so we will need to use e-mail as our means of communication!

    Thanks for your help!

    Dana Bollinger

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