Friendly cruises story aboard a Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Sea Malaysian Voyage

Friendly cruises story aboard a Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Sea Malaysian Voyage.  Throughout out the next several months Friendly Cruises will be highlighting various destinations around the world starting with Friendly Cruises shares a short story by the Weir family aboard the Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Sea Asian & Malaysian Voyages.

Super Tree Light Show - SingaporeWhen we arrived in Singapore from Dubai, 3000 cruisers, mostly US and European, ended their trip and 3500 Asians including 900 children boarded for a three day cruise. This increased our total passengers to 5000. The children and the 85% Asians on board added to the culture and joy of the cruise.

Having visited many places in the world, Malaysia has been the most surprising and impressive. Penang, Kuala Lumpur and the nation-city Singapore are shining examples of what hard work and good governance can accomplish. These industrious people have moved into the modern world and in many ways equal or passed the US.

Malyasia - DrumsThere is no unemployment and people look to their family for financial help and not the government (which provides a very small assistance for those aged people who have no family or are severely handicapped.) But jobs are plentiful and even the elderly are encouraged to work well passed the average retirement age of 55.

The climate (similar to Hawaii), low cost of living, wonderful highways and infrastructure along with excellent and cheap health care make this a wonderful place to live. Easily the most impressive place we have visited.

This drum corp met us as we went ashore in Kuala Lumpur and Kerry stands in Independence Square, the center of government until the British gave them their independence in the 50’s. That is the Petronas Towers in the distance above Kerry’s outstretched arms.

Penang - Waving Hicert-eccOpen your arms and plan on creating new stories with Friendly Cruises. We strive to combine luxury and adventure uncovering new cruising standards.

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