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My job is a beautiful job!

Lona Lee Thull

Founder 1987

It was Grandma and Grandpa’s fault!

I was 16 years old and straight off the North Dakota farm when Grandpa and Grandma took me with them on the ORIGINAL Queen Mary I, a Cunard ship. My first time in Europe, first time on a cruise ship, first time on an airplane, and first time on a train! Oh, My Goodness, believe it when people say “16 is an impressionable age”. It all started then! Now six continents later here I am waiting to help you with your “Beautiful” cruise plans.


Lona Lee was one of the first to achieve the rank of Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar.

This is the highest cruise industry certification given by the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA).


Natalie Madej


My Mother’s Fault

Having a mom in the travel industry, my mind was opened early to the world outside of my childhood town in Colorado and all the experiences that were waiting…visiting all 50 states got me started, working in Alaska canning salmon, biking down the coast of Australia and backpacking through SE Asia got me hooked and living in Tokyo for 4 years as an expat opened my eyes to the sights of the Orient and more of SE Asia.   With my mom I found that cruising gave a convenient access to different places as a traveling hotel that allowed me to climb inside the pyramids of Egypt, pray at the Western Wall of Jerusalem, dip my toe into the River Jordan or ATV’g with my family on St Barths, drive the famous Monaco Grand Prix race track and eat Caprese in Positano with the stars.    With my background in consulting and project management, I found that helping others with their desire to travel is a great project worth the time.