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Friendly Cruises highlights Sea Dream Yacht Club 2015 Wine Voyages

WineCloseUpFriendly Cruises third blog series title “Friendly Cruises highlights Sea Dream Yacht Club 2015 Wine Voyages” in boutique ports paired with Intimate culinary experiences

On January 6, 2015 SeaDream Yacht Club announced a number of wine voyages that will be added to the 2015 season.  Friendly Cruises is committed to updating our clients with luxurious yachting adventures to some of the most scenic and vivid yachting ports in the Mediterranean and around the world.

Experience SeaDream Yacht Club – Pure luxury including 112 guests 95 crew creating a  5 Star cuisine

We invite you to learn more about the Wine Voyage where you can elevate your palate by participating in sit-down wine tastings, a Wine Master Class Tasting taught by internationally known wine experts as well as tastings held by top winemakers.  At the Winemaker’s Dinner the chef will craft you a special menu to match the wine of the maker who will dine with you onboard.  There will be other casual tastings throughout your sail which will capture the local flavor of many producers and as well as the favorites in the cellar of SeaDream.

“SeaDream’s extensive 2015 Wine Voyages are built on the tradition by pairing legendary vineyards with expert instructors and winemakers to develop a truly one-of-a-kind experience on land and sea.”

SeaDream Yacht Club – Mediterranean & Wine Voyage Cruises – Step into luxury

SeaDream Wine Voyages cuisine menu showcase local delicacies from these ports of call.  For example:

DubrovnikCroatia1.  Civitavecchia (Rome) to Dubrovnik, Croatia – Sailing SeaDream I August 8th to 15th from Civitavecchia (Rome) to Dubrovnik where guests will create lasting memories with their meals paired with the incredible wines of Chianti.  In addition, Wine Writer Anthony Rose of the British daily newspaper The Independent and Decanter Magazine, will take guests on a tasting tour of the Italian countryside including super-Tuscans and mini-tastings of wine in Sicily, Puglia and Manduria. You will also experience Wine Land Adventures including a visit to Cantina Benanti, Cantine Marisa Cuomo and Marisa Cuomo in Positano, Italy.

CivitavecchiaRome2.  Civitavecchia (Rome) to Malaga, Spain – Sailing the 112-guest mega-yacht from October 23rd to November 1st – This voyage sails from Civitavecchia (Rome) to Malaga, Spain and will be hosted by Guy de Rivoire and international export director of the Bollinger champagne house in Monaco.  Exclusive Wine Land Adventures on this voyage include a visit to the 1500-acre private estate of Château de Berne, Sanary-sur-Mer, the Cavas Recaredo winery in Sant Sardurní d’Anoia hosted by Ton Mata the winery founder’s grandson.

For our guests who are wine enthusiasts or would simply like to increase their knowledge of fine wines and cuisine, SeaDream introduces specially designed 2015 wine voyages.

Visit the world’s most exclusive wine destinations and experience both informal and formal settings of local varietals as well as SeaDreams Wine Cellar.

SeaDream’s 2015 Wine Voyage itineraries & highlights below:

  • April 18th to May 1st – San  Juan, Puerto Rico to Malaga Spain – 13 Days – SeaDream I
  • May 1st to May 9th – Malaga, Spain to Monte Carlo, Monaco – 8 Days including boutique ports of Ibiza, Valencia, and Palma de Mallorca (Spain) – SeaDream II
  • May 16th to May 21st – Monte Carlo, Monaco – Round Trip – 7 Days – SeaDream II
  • September 12th to September 19th – Dubrovnik, Croatia to Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy – 7 Days – SeaDream II
  • October 23rd to November 1st – Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy to Malaga, Spain – 9 Days – calling on Porto Ercole, Portofino, Monte Carlo, Sanary-sur-Mer (France) and Valencia – SeaDream I

cert-eccAre you ready for the next step?  We would love to learn more about your cruising and yachting needs.

For more information please contact Lona Lee Thull an Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar ECCS  480-358-1496  Friendly Cruises helps define pleasure “Pleasure means Business and Business can mean Pleasure”

Wine Vineyard Cruises | Book a wine cruise

Wines_3Discover the lost wine bottle at sea with that note on how to taste a glass of wine with specifics on where you might want to take your next cruise.

Are you aware you can taste wine and visit a vineyard on your next cruising adventure? Go to some of the best vineyards around the world while you taste great wine and eat good food.  An Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar is here to uncover your needs to sooth your palette with great wine and unique adventures at sea to many vineyards around the world.

The fragrance and aroma of a wine vineyard theme cruise is enough to inspire you to research the following destinations and speak with an Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar before booking your next vacation.

Wine celar- imagesTop world destinations on where book for your next wine theme cruise:

  • France – Bordeaux, Vineyards, & Chateaux France
  • Europe – The Rhine River
  • British Columbia – Okanagan Valley
  • San Francisco – Sonoma and Napa Valley California
  • Oregon – Willamette Valley
  • Chile – The Maipo Valley
  • Argentina -Mendoza
  • Uruguay – Pioneering Juanicó winery
  • Australia – Adelaide & Barossa Valley
  • South Africa – Cape Town
  • Spain – Barcelona
  • Australia – Yarra Valley
  • Italy – Tuscany

Despite a number of these locations being a good distance from the Ports of Call it is important to know many theme cruises offer transportation to and from the vineyards.  Speaking to a Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar can help you organize and uncover your needs specifically to a wine theme cruise as well as offer many suggestions on unique palates for food and wine.

Wine_cellarWine tourism has steadily increased over the last ten years where wineries worldwide now provide elegant tasting rooms with picturesque vineyard views, wine tasting dinners, and even open tours of the vineyards and cellars. A truly unique experience creating lasting memories.

Wine is a colorful element where the taste is as unique as the grape and the earth where it came from. It is a perfect complement to a meal, and a great way to unwind after a day of sightseeing and exploring while you are off the ship.  Imagine the conversations over a good glass of wine while while watching the sun dip below the rolling hills of vineyards in the corner gems of the world.

A few styles and flavors of wine to look forward to when you book your next wine & vineyard theme cruise and interesting images you will most likely see.

Red wine – Made from black grapes ranging from light to dark, dry to sweet

Popular red flavors:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon – Flavors: Bell pepper, green olive, herb, cassis and black cherry
  • Shiraz – Flavors: Blackberry, boysenberry, plum, pepper and clove
  • Merlot – Flavors:  Watermelon, strawberry and cherry
  • Zinfandel – Flavors: Raspberry, blackberry, black cherry, raisin and  prune

White Wine – A still wine produced from green and sometimes black even grapes

Popular white flavors:

  • Chardonnay – Flavors: Green apple, citrus, pineapple and papaya
  • Pinot Blanc – Flavors: Green apple and citrus
  • Pino Grigio – Flavors: Citrus, fresh pear and melon

Rosé Wine – Still wine from black grapes by removing the skins before they deeply color the wine.  Formed by blending red and white wine together. Both dry and sweet styles of rosé are common

Sparkling Wine – A style of wine making involving a secondary fermentation resulting in bubbles.  Sparkling wine can be red, white or rosé and can range from minerally to rich and sweet

Fortified Wine – A style of wine making involving fortifying wine with spirits. Typically a dessert wine, but many dry-style fortified wines exist such as dry Sherry

There are many other unique flavors of wine.  Here is a brief video including tips on mastering how to taste wine before you book your next wine & vineyard cruise.

To learn more about wine & vineyard theme cruises please contact Lona Lee Thull an Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar with – Contact:  480-358-1496