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Friendly Cruises highlights Sea Dream Yacht Club 2015 Wine Voyages

WineCloseUpFriendly Cruises third blog series title “Friendly Cruises highlights Sea Dream Yacht Club 2015 Wine Voyages” in boutique ports paired with Intimate culinary experiences

On January 6, 2015 SeaDream Yacht Club announced a number of wine voyages that will be added to the 2015 season.  Friendly Cruises is committed to updating our clients with luxurious yachting adventures to some of the most scenic and vivid yachting ports in the Mediterranean and around the world.

Experience SeaDream Yacht Club – Pure luxury including 112 guests 95 crew creating a  5 Star cuisine

We invite you to learn more about the Wine Voyage where you can elevate your palate by participating in sit-down wine tastings, a Wine Master Class Tasting taught by internationally known wine experts as well as tastings held by top winemakers.  At the Winemaker’s Dinner the chef will craft you a special menu to match the wine of the maker who will dine with you onboard.  There will be other casual tastings throughout your sail which will capture the local flavor of many producers and as well as the favorites in the cellar of SeaDream.

“SeaDream’s extensive 2015 Wine Voyages are built on the tradition by pairing legendary vineyards with expert instructors and winemakers to develop a truly one-of-a-kind experience on land and sea.”

SeaDream Yacht Club – Mediterranean & Wine Voyage Cruises – Step into luxury

SeaDream Wine Voyages cuisine menu showcase local delicacies from these ports of call.  For example:

DubrovnikCroatia1.  Civitavecchia (Rome) to Dubrovnik, Croatia – Sailing SeaDream I August 8th to 15th from Civitavecchia (Rome) to Dubrovnik where guests will create lasting memories with their meals paired with the incredible wines of Chianti.  In addition, Wine Writer Anthony Rose of the British daily newspaper The Independent and Decanter Magazine, will take guests on a tasting tour of the Italian countryside including super-Tuscans and mini-tastings of wine in Sicily, Puglia and Manduria. You will also experience Wine Land Adventures including a visit to Cantina Benanti, Cantine Marisa Cuomo and Marisa Cuomo in Positano, Italy.

CivitavecchiaRome2.  Civitavecchia (Rome) to Malaga, Spain – Sailing the 112-guest mega-yacht from October 23rd to November 1st – This voyage sails from Civitavecchia (Rome) to Malaga, Spain and will be hosted by Guy de Rivoire and international export director of the Bollinger champagne house in Monaco.  Exclusive Wine Land Adventures on this voyage include a visit to the 1500-acre private estate of Château de Berne, Sanary-sur-Mer, the Cavas Recaredo winery in Sant Sardurní d’Anoia hosted by Ton Mata the winery founder’s grandson.

For our guests who are wine enthusiasts or would simply like to increase their knowledge of fine wines and cuisine, SeaDream introduces specially designed 2015 wine voyages.

Visit the world’s most exclusive wine destinations and experience both informal and formal settings of local varietals as well as SeaDreams Wine Cellar.

SeaDream’s 2015 Wine Voyage itineraries & highlights below:

  • April 18th to May 1st – San  Juan, Puerto Rico to Malaga Spain – 13 Days – SeaDream I
  • May 1st to May 9th – Malaga, Spain to Monte Carlo, Monaco – 8 Days including boutique ports of Ibiza, Valencia, and Palma de Mallorca (Spain) – SeaDream II
  • May 16th to May 21st – Monte Carlo, Monaco – Round Trip – 7 Days – SeaDream II
  • September 12th to September 19th – Dubrovnik, Croatia to Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy – 7 Days – SeaDream II
  • October 23rd to November 1st – Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy to Malaga, Spain – 9 Days – calling on Porto Ercole, Portofino, Monte Carlo, Sanary-sur-Mer (France) and Valencia – SeaDream I

cert-eccAre you ready for the next step?  We would love to learn more about your cruising and yachting needs.

For more information please contact Lona Lee Thull an Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar ECCS  480-358-1496  Friendly Cruises helps define pleasure “Pleasure means Business and Business can mean Pleasure”

Friendly Cruises highlights Viking River Cruises Grand European Voyage

vikingrivercruisesFriendly Cruises highlights Viking River Cruises Grand European Voyage.  The second part of  Friendly Cruises four part educational blog series is on Viking River Cruises with focus and emphasis on the Grand European Tour & Voyage including 15 days, 13 guided  tours and 5 countries.

We invite you to see & experience new things “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

DAY_EU-Tulips_d1_Amsterdam-canals_478x345_tcm21-9673Envision a European adventure of 15 mystical days beside the Danube, Main and Rhine Rivers.  The grand artistry of Holland’s tulip fields and Germany’s magical castles echoing the tales of history.   This is an epic voyage that allows one to taste wine on the vineyards of Austria’s Wachau Valley and see other amazing countries like Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary all packed into a single adventure.

Friendly Cruises invites you to learn more about Viking Cruises where you will be able to enjoy commanding views of Budapest, learn the ancient art of glassblowing and experience the soothing melodies of Mozart on one single voyage.

The words of Viking River Cruises sink deep into the soul of any luxury traveler.

  • Feel the majesty
  • Awaken your senses
  • Discover new horizons
  • Marvel at grand expressions
  • Immerse your spirit
  • Indulge your dreams

As Viking Cruises says, “There is Our world, your world and the Viking World”

The following itinerary details what you can expect to see on a Viking River Cruises Grand European Voyage over 15 magical days.

Grand European Voyage & Tour – 2015 Amsterdam to Budapest – Cruise Overview

DAY_EU-GrandRivers_d22_Budapest-Parliment_478x345_tcm21-9664Day 1 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Day 2 – Kinderdijk, The Netherlands
Day 3 – Cologne, Germany
Day 4 – Koblenz, Germany & Middle Rhine
Day 5 – Miltenberg, Germany
Day 6 – Würzburg, Germany
Day 7 – Bamberg, Germany
Day 8 – Nuremberg, Germany
Day 9 – Regensburg, Germany
Day 10  – Passau, Germany
Day 11 – Melk & Krems, Austria
Day 12 – Vienna, Austria
Day 13 – Bratislava, Slovakia
Day 14 – Budapest, Hungary
Day 15 – Budapest, Hungary

EuropeanTourThis concludes our second educational blog series related to the Grand European Tour with Viking River Cruises. Travel through Europe in luxury, style and class with Viking River Cruises. We are committed to helping you find the best adventure for your needs.
Friendly Cruises focuses our efforts on working with the best in the industry.

Our next educational blog series will be on yachting specifically related to Seadream Yacht Club, “It’s yachting, not cruising – enjoy the difference” followed by the final in the series Sailing with Windstar.

cert-eccIt is important to learn more about your traveling and cruising needs.  We appreciate any feedback and look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to take your next adventure.

For more information please contact Lona Lee Thull an Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar ECCS  480-358-1496  Friendly Cruises helps define pleasure “Pleasure means Business and Business can mean Pleasure”


Book a world luxury cruise with Friendly Cruises

crystalaustraliaBook a world luxury cruise with Friendly Cruises.  Do you love to travel in luxury and cruise around the world?  Are you in search of a new story including global discovery and circumnavigation?  If so, booking a world cruise begins here.

Surround yourself in the finest luxury and service in the industry by connecting with an Industry Cruise Leader and Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar ECCS like who will guide you through the maze of world cruises.

Each cruise line offers different specials specific to your needs and favorite region of the world.WorldMapCruise

Luxurious world cruise amenities and services can include:

  • One set price – All services and amenities included
  • First class airfare to and from the guests home city
  • Luxurious transportation – Premium car service picking up guests at their home taking them to the airport and driving them home at the end of their international voyage
  • Guests are pampered with luggage pickup at their home and sent to their ship where it waits for them when they arrive – No “schlepping luggage” for these guests seeking adventure
  • Fine wines, premium spirits and champagne flow throughout your journey
  • Gratuities for the entire voyage is included, for example; butler, stewardess, dining and bar staff
  • Laundry is included
  • No charge for on board medical services
  • Around the world internet will be provided
  • Bottled water and soft drinks
  • Unlimited cappuccinos, espressos and lattes
  • Spa Credits are offered at various amounts.
  • Fitness classes including Pilates, yoga and spinning

There are different time durations and places that make up a “around the world” voyage.  Booking a world cruise-west-world-cruisecruise requires the proper planning.  As a long term guest you will be on the same ship for an extended number of months becoming your new home.

As the words of this image illustrate “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~ Augustine of Hippo

It is important to make the right choice with the number of options available booking a world cruise.  Make your next world cruise adventure a new story in your life.

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams ~ Oprah Winfrey

ExplorerA world cruise of global discovery and circumnavigation remains one of the world’s greatest travel experiences. It’s a lifestyle that opens your eyes from anything to vibrant city life of many cultures to exploring remote villages around the world while providing many luxuries.

World cruises offer incredible adventures creating unique social atmospheres, ability share new experiences with like minded adventurous people, grow friendships and create new ones.

PanamaExporerFriendly Cruises, a cruise industry leader and expert knows from past experience you want to enjoy city life, culture and cuisine in your favorite region of the world. It is important to go over your needs to immerse you in an atmosphere which will allow you to relax and feel comfortable in your new home for three to six months.

A world cruise offers exceptional comfort, luxury and style. Begin your story by contacting creating an unforgettable journey lasting a lifetime.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu

Friendly Cruises, an industry cruise leader and expert since 1987 helping you find a world cruise catering to your every need.  Come share your dreams with Lona Lee Thull an Elite Cruise Counsellor Scholar ECCS helps define pleasure “Pleasure means Business and Business can mean Pleasure” – Contact:  480-358-1496

*highest certification in the Cruise-Travel industry*